Located at traditional craft Village in the North of Vietnam, we collected difference tropical materials to make hand woven window blinds from natural plants as: bamboo, rattan peel, jute peel, jute rope, sea grass rope, reed, pineapple leaf, fern leaf, coin leaf, banana leaf, seagrass, straw, water hyacinth leaf...etc.

With hundred years of traditional skills, our craftmen boiled all materials in 100 degree water to make colors for materials before weaving. Colors will be more natural and environmentally friendly.

With hand loom our maixmum width could reach to 8ft(244cm) and 300cm length, for more information about products please visit us at : www.vietnambambooblinds.com

We thank you very much for your kind attention and welcome for investing or cooperation with us.

DaiViet handicraft.Co.Ltd

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